Ingredient Focus: Why Rice Should Be In Your Skincare

We’re back with another ‘Ingredient Focus’ article! Last time, we talked about the pigmentation-eraser, vitamin C. Today, we’re going to talk about an ancient beauty secret: rice. Continue reading to know why a lot of skincare junkies go loco over this ingredient. 

Rice water on the skin may be new to you. If you’re puzzled just like I was the first time I heard this, fret not. We’re here to enlighten you on how rice water benefits the skin. Of course, we’ve also provided product recommendations to make it easier for you to start incorporating this age-old beauty secret into your routine. 

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What are the benefits of rice water on skin?

From Asian cuisine to skincare, you’ll certainly see rice topping the “essentials” list. In particular, rice water not only helps hair grow faster and stronger but also offers great benefits for the skin. Below are some awesome effects you can get from topically applying it:


Rice brims with antioxidants that prevent the degradation of elastin (an enzyme that is closely related to collagen). Since elastin is one of the things that keep our skin youthful, it’s only necessary to take care of it before the damage sets in. 

Plus, it contains both vitamins B and E which are also linked to delaying the process of aging. This means that consistently applying rice water may potentially aid in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Who would’ve known looking young could be this simple? 


Rice water is said to contain enzymes that are known to brighten the complexion and lighten discoloration. Although there’s not enough scientific evidence for how effective rice is in this regard, a lot of women (especially in Korea and Japan) swear by this ingredient. Extra rice for me and my hyperpigmentation, please!


The skin barrier serves as our shield against pollution, dust, and other environmental pathogens which could cause damage to our body if it goes through our skin. It also serves as a “cover” that secures the water in our skin, so that we won’t be left dehydrated. 

The starch found in rice water not only heals but improves the overall condition of our skin barriers. This is ideal for people who suffer from atopic dermatitis, eczema, or inflammation. Give your skin some love by strengthening your natural barrier.

Here’s our product recommendations. 

Now that you’re well-informed on the key benefits you could get from rice, let’s move on to skincare products that could help you achieve these effects. 

I’m From Rice Mask

Transform dull skin with this rice bran- and rice powder-filled scrub mask. This gently removes dead skin cells and other impurities to restore skin’s radiance. It’s also infused with saccharomyces ferment filtrate and rice water to maintain skin’s youthfulness. It’s an easy way to pamper yourself without breaking the bank! 

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I’m From Rice Toner

Packed with 77.78% rice extract, this toner offers numerous advantages to the skin. It provides just the right amount of hydration while evening out the overall complexion. Along with niacinamide (a superstar when it comes to skin brightening) this toner helps fade dark spots with consistent use. After a single application, you’ll instantly notice how it leaves your skin plump, smooth, and glowing. 

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I’m From Rice Serum

Formulated with 73% fermented rice, the new I’m from Serum hydrates, nourishes, and evens out skin tone. It is further enriched with vitamin B and other antioxidants to boost collagen production, resulting in improved skin elasticity. A serum made of rice, finally!

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I’m From Rice Cream

The cream we’ve all been waiting for! This cream consists of rice bran water, which is known to be rich in ceramides (fatty lipids that are essential in keeping skin plump). It’s designed to strengthen your skin barrier and improve the skin tone. Packed with vitamins B and E, this magical product gives the skin a boost in the nourishment department as well. It’s a cream that’s perfect for all skin types.

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The bottom line

It’s amazing to know how our staple food does so much more than filling our stomachs — it does tons of wonder on our skin as well. If you’re seeking products that will give you that extra punch of hydration and youthful radiance, be sure to try out rice-infused skincare. It’s time to experience this ancient beauty secret, don’t you think?

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