Why these Round Lab products have become my holy grails

With summer right around the corner, looking for an ideal skincare regimen has been a challenge. Now that one of Korea’s top brands — Round Lab — has finally launched here on KbeautyCafe, I had to get my hands on it fast.

Hydration wasn’t my thing—I hated the fact that it adds shine when my skin’s oil production is already crazy enough on its own. However, my perception changed when I experienced its benefits first-hand through this brand. Learn more about Round Lab and their ‘Dokdo line’ as I review their toner and moisturizer below.

The brand

If you’re a huge K-beauty fan, you’d know that this brand is well-loved for its “clean beauty” mantra. Its products are formulated with minimal ingredients that make skin healthier with consistent use. 

Patriotism also shines through as the ‘Dokdo 1025’ packaging flaunts this island as Korea’s territory and nobody else’s. It’s a beautiful reminder of their independence, which makes this product even more memorable.

The honest review

Time to get down to business: my honest thoughts after using these for over a month now. 


Both the toner and moisturizer are housed in a clear bottle with minimalist packaging. The overall aesthetic, in my opinion, is Instagram-worthy. 

Both contain 200 ml worth of product, which is a huge win considering how affordable they are. Do note that these have to be used in 12 months after opening.

Dokdo Toner

The perfect punch of hydration my skin needs. What really got me giddy when I got this product was the innovation behind it. Round Lab’s very own HATCHING EX-07 is an ingredient that gently exfoliates the skin. It helps out with sebum regulation, too! After deliberately applying this, I can see how my oiliness calmed down. Of course, I pair this with my day moisturizer and sunblock — all of which work really well in delivering long-lasting hydration.

Not to mention, this is packed with a whopping 72 minerals from deep sea water. This also has panthenol, allantoine, and betaine that soothes my flushed skin.

Dokdo Lotion — the moisturizer

A total game-changer. At first, I had my worries about its lotion consistency. I used to never incorporate emulsion-type products into my regimen until I tried this out. This belongs to my nighttime routine and I kid you not, I wake up to fresh-looking skin each morning. Centella Asiatica, hyaluronic acid, and panthenol — these powerhouse ingredients made a huge difference to my overall complexion. 

Before and after results

Since wearing masks is inevitable and the weather’s getting warmer, redness and oiliness are my common concerns. What continuously aids me in overcoming these are these products. Prior to Round Lab, here’s what my skin looked like:

A month into these products has transformed my skin into this:

Although not much difference is seen from the photos attached, my skin is now at its healthiest. It feels super supple and well-hydrated, minus the oiliness.

The verdict

With outstanding results at a student-friendly price point, I’m certain I have found my holy grail products. This lives up to the awards it has gotten throughout the years. Definitely, something you wouldn’t wanna miss out on!

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